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up. it is plagued with huge security risks and we are left with no choice. this law has to be repealed, replaced and like they did when they were selling the disastrous low to the american people, democrat democrats are lying again to save the law. they say republicans have no solutions. the republicans do have an alternative plan. it could save $2 trillion over ten years. we want you to join the conversation. log onto our facebook page. reince priebus is with us. >> thank you for having me on. you rattled off a bunch of problems just to name a few. >> just to name a few. but the president challenged republicans. i think this was a chase the rabbit trying to divert attention scheme like the class warfare speech yesterday and trying to talk about aids the day before. tom price has a specific plan. it wouldn't be my plan but it's better than what we've got. there is a plan on the table. >> look, you led into this a little bit talking about young people. what the obama care package is was intentionally designed to screw over young people. was it a mistake? it wasn't an acci
from his health care law. he struck a nerve when he talked about the middle class and how many americans are learning. we'll take a look at this with an american who knows what it's like to live that way. first, mike viqueira at the white house >> the facts are beyond dispute. the government sought to highlight the gap between the rich and poof. he was up to two themes. these are themes struck throughout the presidency, first and second term. he talked about the gap between rich and poor and talking about trying to raise the minimum wage. he got behind that, backing a height or legislation and congress that's $0.10 an hour. many states are moving on their own. the president deniably is trying to shore up a political base after a rocky rollout of democrats are dispirited. this is the latest in a series of event where the president spoke to the base and what he said was music to the democratic base's years, talking about income despair itty and stronger union, tying the affordable care act into the theme. >> the idea that a child may never escape the poverty becau
, there has been on the books a law which will expire at midnight tonight that has protected us from weapons going through detectors that are not made of metal that the detectors can't detect, and of course not only are we talking about government buildings and other secure facilities but clearly we're talking about airports as well. and so now computer technology has advanced to the point ever since we had that old law that you can actually with a computer, through a 3-d processing, laying down plastic layer upon plastic layer, you can create a weapon, a weapon that cannot be detected with most of the detectors that we have today. that old law needs to be updated, but apparently there are those who do not want it updated. and so as a last gasp, we are appealing to the senate before the stroke of midnight tonight, when this law is erased, to continue the old law that will at least go after the plastic type weapons, plastic guns of which their manufacturer is required that they have some part of metal in them in order to detect them. but the technology has surpassed that. they can now manufac
law. this time the pep rally had no pep. a new report says about a third of all the obama care enrollees may not be enrolled. that's the reported failure rate on the so-called back end information that is sent to insurance companies. in other words, thousands of the nation's fast food workers are set to strike tomorrow. they want a $15 minute wage but don't they know that would essentially kill theiras the move to automation moves ahead. which country is the most charitable? it's the good old usa and thanks to free market capitalism. i will explain all those stories and much more coming up on the kudlow report beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone, i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report". we're here live 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. it's getting harder and harder for grab to put a happy face on obama care. new problems keep popping up every day. maybe that's why the president seemed so subdued at an even if meant to rally the troops. eamon javers has all the details. >> reporter: good evening. it was billed as a speech beginning a three week push here b
out at this event with americans who are already benefitting from the law. he's going to talk about the benefits they're getting, young people can stay on their parents' insurance, no more discrimination against people who have pre-existing conditions. now, on the other hand, the white house has had three years to make this case. so why is this any different? >> well, because now it's actually happening. and, you know, regular people are seeing the benefits of it. for years you've noticed the main thing that they would trot out was if you repeal health care, kids under 26 are going to get thrown off their parents' plans and republicans had a quick response to that. they'd say, well, okay, we'll keep that part of it and throw the rest of it out. but now the meat of the thing is actually getting implemented. more than 100,000 people last month, it's going to be more than that as it gets to the deadline and the website starts working. so actual people are getting actual health care, which means it's much harder for you to roll back this program. so it really puts republicans in a diffi
. >> on the next washington journal, republican of kansas on healthlementation of the care law. then congressman gregory meeks, democrat of new york. with ks about the deal iran over the country's nuclear program. scott patterson on the volcker rule and how it implemented. live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> president obama's use of power related to the health care law. immigration policies and drug laws. coverage ofour live the hearing starting at 10:00 c-span 2.rn on are you walk in, there tables in front with lots of pamphlets, prior to entering the gun show. temperature pamphlet is how the take ment is trying to away the right to own guns, obama is doing that and obama is that and obama care is awful. talk to them. they said, who are you? i'm an academic, a researcher. research about these organizations and ideas. i study men who believe this stuff. and a bunch of them said -- they looked at me suspiciously and and i said, tions look here's what i am. don't get it. but here's my job. i want to understand how you see the world. i want to understand your world view. you will
. the federal law kicks into place when the recession happened. it was a chance to given meshes more time to be on the benefits. up to 18 months. without this law, there's only about six months of unemployment, some have everybody less, so the democrats are trying to make a case that they need to be extended because they expire on december 28th. >> what's the reason response to this. >> well, house speaker today said if president obama has a plan on paper to extend them, he will take a look at it, so that is a little bit of a hint of some potential break through, however, he reviewed the republican perspective of it's about the economy, and we have a plan to improve the economy, and that's not related to social benefit programs. >> that we create more american jobs and better american wages. the republicans continue to focus on strengthening the economy for middle class families. that's why we passed nearly 150 bills many of them will help our economy, they are still sitting in the united states senate. so you hear a difference, how republicans approach things and democrats approach thing
widespread outrage. this comes after a new law banning protests without government permission. we have been following this crackdown for time magazine. we are joined from cairo via skype. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. >> with these women released with, do you accepts a shift in the government? do you think they may be softening their stance a little? >> it's important to make a distinction here. a lot of it depends on the prerogative of the individual judge in this case and what we saw here is that the judge iníñ the initial case handed down a set of sentences that were particularly harsh, and that caused the public's imagination, and that, i think, caused significant shift in public opinion, which weighed on the government and i think probably weighed on this judge's mind when he was making this second ruling, but yes, it is important to stress that this is coming into can text of a broader clamp down on political protests in the street and the same week that those sentences were handed down, the military-led government implemented a law that prohibits all public protests
and republicans coming together to launch the interstate freeway system, signed into law by president eisenhower, subsequent roads, transit and water investments helped fuel our economy and tie the nation together. more recently, the failure to address long-term funding has also been bipartisan. the bush administration ignored strong recommendations from their own private sector experts that they impaneled to give advice. although the obama administration did request and employ some modest funding in the recovery act and has proposed an infrastructure bank and talked extensively and i think sincerely about the need for investment, what has been lacking has been a specific concrete proposal from either party to address infrastructure financing in america. while the political maneuvering has secured here in washington, the gap in the highway trust fund has been growing and conditions of our roads, bridges and transit systems have been deteriorating. this puts america at a competitive disadvantage, complicates the movement of goods and people and contributes to congestion and pollution. at the same
that the 48-year- old has been a pe teacher here at the lemon tree and courting to law-enforcement officials, he is facing several charges. to law-enforcement officials, he is facing several charges. he was acting different, possibly intoxicated. during the investigation, that he wass found driving under the influence and possession of alcohol on school property. class, buth one gym that it was taught with other teachers. he was never alone with students. >> he was never alone with children. arose, we the problem handled it rapidly. >> he was released on bond. according to the investigation by sheriff's officers, the school district is conducting an independent investigation as well. we will have this -- more coming up at 5:00. we have learned that a child is dead and four others injured after a dump truck collided with a school bus in idaho. this happened about 30 minutes outside of boise. the local sheriffs office said as many as 10 children were on board heading to annulment three school. the dump truck hit the back of the bus at an intersection. it is unclear who was at fault. right here
to file class action law suits, helping to avoid costly court cases about overtime and wage issues. workers will not be able to ban together over workplace disputes. >> the midwest rapped in a chill. let's go to nicole mitchell, meteorologist. >>> good morning, the temperatures dropped scantly after the last few days, and going down more as we head to the weekend. look at the national pictures. parts of colorado, and into the northern area of minnesota. that's where we have seen a couple of persistent bands. if you go back not to 5am yesterday or 5am the day before. you have consistent know since then, and the totals, places north, like two harbours over two feet. you may think it sounds awful and there has been a lot of accidents. people are starting to rack up the cross country skiing. more on the way today. as we go over time, it's blowing. temperatures are dropping and we have at winter storm warnings up. it is spreading south. some places to the south where we see fog. the combination of the warm hair, dense fog, arkansas and texas, we saw some of this, making the driving diff
as the least productive in our american history. >> 55 bills have been signed into law. this is the least productive congress ever. >> the least productive congress in the history of the american penn. >> it's literally a do nothing congress. >> that's not fair. they are doing something. they are getting into the guinness book of world records and that's twice if you count john boehner's fingernails. >> good morning it's thursday, december 5th. the tree lit up last night. that was quite an event. wasn't it? >> kate and jack were watching last night. very exciting. >> good night. >> for a tree that they senselessly slaughtered. >> welcome to the show. we got contributor mike barnacle, also dragged involuntarily from his family. katty kay. and senior political editor for the white house and white house correspondent for "huffington post," sam stein. and katy, quite a bit of news today. >> apart from the tree. >> apart from the tree and apart from willie. a press conference in tallahassee today that may shake up college football. >> yeah. the superstar freshman quarterback for florida state
the minimum wage law and some of the fair labor standards act legislation in the 1930's. this legislation ensured that american workers would receive a minimum wage and work reasonable hours. we know what that's done for families in this country. we also know that the minimum wage hasn't even been close to keeping up with the cost of living, with inflation. we also know a number of other things, mr. president, about the minimum wage. minimum wage is now $7.25 an hour. many of -- many of minimum-wage workers working -- making $7.25 or $8 or $9 an hour -- less than we want to raise the minimum wage, too, so all would get a raise -- we know that many of those workers work in the fast-food industry. the c.e.o. of a fast-food corporation makes, we figure, about $8.7 million a year. while his average employees make something about around $19,000 a year. and i don't -- i'm not one of those that says, well, that's -- you know, they have to work a million hours to get to the $8 million a year, but just to put in perspective what's happened with wages. as wages for c.e.o.'s and for top management h
's principal said student had been shot and was en route to the hospital. law enforcement officers were at the scene and they were observing all safety procedures. we'll bring you more information as we get it. >>> in a matter of just ten days the nation will mark the one year anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. today brought a painful remind reminder. prosecutors have released 911 called. al jazeera will not air those calls. >> reporter: we did listen to seven calls shortly after fires were shot inside sandy hook elementary school. a woman called the police dispatcher and said she had glimpsed someone running down the hall with a gun saying they were still shooting. and glass had been shot out but the school was on lock down. officers entered the school nine minutes after the 911 call. by then the shooting was over and adam lanza had killed himself after takings lives of 20 children and six educators. >> we're not playing the calls and for obvious reasons, but i'm still curious as to the tone of the calls you listened to. >> reporter: some of them were calm. the custodian was a lit
of our borders the nsa is more aggressive. it is not constrained by laws. posing some self- restraint on the nsa. to initiate some reports that can give people more confidence. with does president obama chris matthews at the american university. of wwe are at let's read some comments -- you can join the conversation by calling in this morning. the numbers are -- another big story making the news this morning in "the washington post," -- lori montgomery reports -- joining us to talk about some of these issues on capitol hill is the news editor at "the hill" newspaper. thank you for joining us this morning. guest: thank you for having me. "the washington post" stated, we are expecting a budget deal to come out this week. what is it going to look like? guest: it is not going to be the grand bargain that has dominated the discussion over the past five years. hikes.looking at tax they are also not looking at significant cuts to medicare, security,or social which are areas republicans say needs to be done. instead we are looking at pretty small things and haggling over w
. he couldn't vote. it was against the law to have his picture. he couldn't touch his wife's hands for 16 years of his 26 years in jail. yet he came out advocating reconciliation and negotiating with his oppressors and tried to be inclusive. i think the way he did it was equal to what he did and it's incomparable. one of us that grew up in the post-civil rights era it tempered a lot of us that got to know him. the mandela way was not only to fight for change but become the change and he symbolized that in epic proportions. few times i was honored to be around him, you were always moved by this balance of gravity and humility, you never saw in anyone else. he was such a humble and great guy at the same time. it is really something that we probably, president obama said, we'll never see again. >> john meacham, i was talking to my 10-year-old girl about nelson mandela, explaining about him, what he had done, the sacrifices he made, the way he changed this country and the world. i'm wondering, though, of course, my 10-year-old girl didn't know an awful lot about nelson mandela. and we
that president obama back when he was a law school student had stayed with him in cambridge, i thought it was the right thing to do to go ask him. nobody had asked him in the past, and the president said he in fact had met omar obama when he moved to cambridge for law school, and he stayed with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready. >> so that's what jay carney says. the only real difference here was that he, jay carney, physically asked the president face-to-face, whether he met with the uncle, and that was the difference. the president said, yes, i met with him and stayed with him for three weeks. i spoke with the attorney for the uncle. the uncle's name is an youngo obama. but the uncle threw a congratulatory party for barack obama when he graduated from harvard law school. that's where they're trying to iron out some of the contradictions. >> the uncle came as a student to the united states. was about to be deported, but what, for 50 years, there was this case going on, and only in the last few days has he been told he can stay in the united states legally. >
and considered it an outlet for stress and anger. while running the first law firm, he trained here. today it's the soweto ymca. >> i used to get in a lot of trouble. >> what kind of trouble? >> you know know, with people and stuff. >> young men train today in a modern base. when nelson mandela boxed here, the room was made of concrete. we are in hard times. now we are free. >> thanks to nelson mandela. >> thanks to nelson mandela. >> thanks to nelson mandela, south africa's fight is kept inside the ring. >> people have changed with the fighting. >> here, all of this, this is the equipment that nelson mandela would have used. >> outback a security guard shows me the equipment nelson mandela once used. memories of a boxer and chose a different fight, and why. >> in a few hours south africa will begin a national day of mourning. on tuesday there'll be a funeral that president obama will attend. it will be one. biggest, emotional memorials we see in a lodge time. >> not just a memorial, but a week of reflection and prayer; is that correct. >> absolutely in a few hours we'll see mosques and churc
of the media. there's no law that's going to stop people from going into town and violating this request. that's where it gets difficult. from cnn's perspective, there are many, many ways to cover this story without being there. while acknowledging the requests from the town. you can have retrospectives, look at the individuals of the victims, you can revisit some of the unknown elements of the crime itself. so i think that cnn is doing the right thing. other news organizations are as well. and this is going to come up again and again, unfortunately, because the fascination, horror of the story, will not diminish. >> hearing from those parents, i'm conflicted. i really actually admire the strength they showed today to come out, because they know that there is this need, this demand. america wants to mourn with them. so here we have them giving this full statement and saying essentially, listen, we're talking now. but come saturday, we want complete and utter privacy. is that how you see it? >> it is. and you know, they're not saying we don't ever think the media should be here and we're never
few days as this icy storm laws across the country. >> wintery warnings from texas to tennessee. take a look at your world in 90 seconds. >> tonight one of the worst ice storms in years stretches from texas to pennsylvania. >> reporter: ice, sleet and snow covers parts of oklahoma, arkansas, tennessee and texas. >> utilities crews in texas and arkansas tried to knock heavy ice off power lines before they snapped from the weight. on ramps became as slippery as bobsled runs. you could hear pellets of ice pound the ground in denton, texas, north of dallas. 1/2-inch of freezing rain and snow made the roads treacherous for drivers. >> go really slow and easy on the brakes. >> hundreds of thousands were customers were without power as of friday morning. >> and hundreds of flights are canceled. >> the ice storm is absolutely our worst situation. >> this storm is blamed for at least one death in oklahoma. >> see all kinds of different things happen out there and 99.9% of them are preventible. >> parts of arkansas could see temperatures drop to 0. >> if this refreezes, it just makes it that m
was traveling with two of his children, his daughter-in-law and future son-in-law. it's unclear when aerial searches will resume. >>> an oakland woman who lost her son to gun violence will take part in a rally next week in washington, d.c. 17-year-old christopher jones was killed in a drive-by shooting outside his family's home new year's i've 2010. no one has ever been charged in the case. his mother says she's part of a contingent that will represent california at a national vigil for homicide victims. it will be held at the washington national cathedral two days before the first anniversary of the newtown, connecticut, school shooting. >>> thousands of people are expected to gather for a memorial to honor actor paul walker tomorrow. walker was killed last weekend wrt porsche i was riding in crashed in santa clarita. a memorial at that crash site has been growing ever since. thousands of people have rsvped for the memorial at 5:00 sunday at the scene where walker died. . >>> while people are waking up to a little snow and in some parts of the bay area. if that's the case it usually means
department expressed concern over the new law requiring demonstrators to get government permission. >> i talk to a professor live from boston. do you think the united states is stern enough with egypt. >> we have little leverage. what we need to do is declare the values that the u.s. stands for, including freedom of speech, assembly, the right to due process but any influence would have to happen behind closed doors. it shouldn't be public, it should be through the personal channels between secretary and general abdul fatah al-sisi. >> we have seen high profile visits by american officials. do you think any of that behind the scenes jockeying is getting anywhere with the egyptian government. >> there's little evidence of that. again, it's not clear what leverage exists for the u.s. although personal relations in the military, there are close personal relations in top echelons of the military. >> events in egypt are being driven by political activities. it's hard for the u.s. to dictate what happened. people are sensitive to anything that seems like it's dictated from the u.s. >> it seems it i
in our law enforcement officials. >> i did listen to them. i did hear them. >> reporter: neil lost his 6-year-old son jesse. while he didn't want the calls to be released, he felt compelled to listen. >> i felt it was something i needed to do or wanted to do, just to know. you know, jesse was my son. i brought him into the world. >> reporter: some victims relatives like the daughter of slain principal dawn, the audio helped paint a complete picture. there is nothing on the recordings that violates the victim's privacy, she said, the public has the right to know. one thing all the victim's families stand united on, continuing their loved one's legacy. >> i prefer to focus less on the tragedy but instead be seen as something in a person that is going to help prevent future violence in this country. >> i guess if i had one wish, i wish that everyone could do an act of kindness or try to do a good deed and remember a tragedy in the victims in honor of sandy hook elementary school children and the teachers. >> a media organizations across the country delicately debated what, if anything, from
laws in this country gave rise to apartheid laws in south africa in 1948. even to now, apartheid is no longer a racial matter and social issues but economic, health care, educational, job apartheid is present even today, and he was simply saying that going into iraq was a preemptive strike, broke international law. as a matter of fact, the biggest demonstration in the history of the world took place that day, people saying do not invade iraq. now we admit that 100,000 plus iraqis have been killed, 6,000 plus americans have been killed, 50,000 plus injured, we were wrong. had the wrong target. he was saying we were wrong. president barack obama said we were wrong. the fact is we were wrong. >> what did mandela think about the united states? >> had high hopes for america and had high regard for america. one of the first places he came when he was freed was america, because the fact is demonstrations here, since led by randall robertson and eleanor holmes norton and maxine waters, for a year we demonstrated every day, going to jail to protest. the u.s. congress declared sanctions on
benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare >>> well, the white house has backed away from a reported statement made two years ago that president obama had never met an uncle who lives near boston. well, it turns out that the president not only knew him, he once lived with him. why so much confusion? cnn's brian todd has more. >> reporter: he's a 69-year-old man who works at a liquor store near boston and he's now caught up in the president's latest political migraine. the man's name, onyango obama, also called omar, the president's uncle. "the boston globe" previously cited the white house as saying the president and hess uncle had never met, but the white house press secretary now says this -- >> the president said that he, in fact, had met omar obama when he moved to cambridge for law school and that he stayed with him for a brief period of time until his -- the president's apartment was ready. >> reporter: in recent days the uncle said that barack obama stayed with him for three weeks in
for the police and law enforcement. he was able to say where the sounds of the shooting were coming from. he was able to say when there was gunfire and silence at well. at one point he is confronted by responding offices and the dispatcher says tell them who you are, and he says custodian, when they realize, they say tell the dispatcher to get connecticut police here and the dispatcher says tell them their on their way. so there is so much that was going on and so much that was happening on so quickly as police try to determine exactly what was happening in the school that you hear the urgency and you realize the horror of what is going on unfolding not almost immediately but in stages as you hear them calling for the connecticut state police while they try to remain quiet and hidden. >> can you explain why we're not playing the tapes? >> a team of very smart people are listening to them, determining the value, determining what is news worthy. what is of value. clearly everyone, not just here at cnn but elsewhere wants to maintain the dignity of the families and what they lost. nobody apts t
in the health care reform law. mike viqueria, are all the problems fixed? >> well, not all the problems are fixed but the white house spokesman just moments ago jay carney speaking for the president believes that the website has significantly improved and they have met their threshold for the vast majority of citizens who sign on. 90% will have a successful experience and will be able to enroll through the website. night and day is how the top official that the president put in charge of having this website up and functioning by november 30th, last saturday, says the difference is between october 1st, and the end of november. the problem is, that it's two months, two months that were virtually lost where people could not enroll on the website and now it's crunch time. some of the other metrics they put out, the error rate is less than 1%, when earlier i.t. was 6%, other websites is 1/10 of 1%, or more than that. 80,000 a day, stephanie i myself got on the website a couple of times today with really a short wait. it depends on what you're in. the, in virginia, they rely on
ahead for congress if law macerlawmakers don't act son 1.3 million people could lose their unemployment insurance in 23 days. libby casey joinin joins us livm capital. capitol hill. what is on the table. leader pelosi i is holding a hearing today to raise concern. the democrats are raising the charge to get longterm unemployment benefits extended. they run out december 28 them. they werthe benefits were instia year and a half ago. they are trying to drum up interest and support for this. wthey talked about it on the house floor. up to 1.6 million americans are out of work or will be out of work because of these mindless cuts. and we are pu further cutting or safety net. he is talking about not just raising unemployment benefits but sequester cuts. they feel that they have been hit hard with programs like head start. they are trying to get it dealt with. >> has the white house weighed in on this t. >> the white house talked talked in a statement about what the latest unemployment numbers look like. here is what their release said. they said unacceptably high. they are trying to get more
china's position on the new air defense identification zone it conforms to international law and practice chinese leaders asked us to respect the security zone and take an objective and fair attitude also said the missing corn outcome was that both sides agreed to strengthen dialogue and cooperation to create a new model of bilateral relations. air defense identification selling clothes a group of islands that japan controls and china and taiwan both claims japanese leaders have urged that the ac on the trot. now south korea is considering expanding its air defense identification sound to include its southern islands and an underwater rock in your defense town would overlap the us and japan and china. the three defence mistaking one gene explained the plan that had hired a team meeting on thursday team said the government is considering incorporating areas about the southern islands of my advil and bundled into the cell. south korea's airspace over the silence overlapped japan's air defense identification sound can also said an underwater robot called the ordeal in south kore
university. he received an honorary dr. of law degree. reports, he iss still honored here in the nation's capital. people is not keeping away as the memorial grows. mandela was the embodiment of everything he stood for. >> people saying the african nations anthem. tells me -- wela do this out of respect for the people. >> parking here is not easy. people walked several blocks. he felt compelled to stand here this morning. >> i had to pay my respects for this man. >> the 95-year-old was known for his integrity. his lifelong struggle to unify his nation has eternally touched those here. >> it was a way to reconcile people. >> there will be nightly vigils out here through tuesday. a memorial service is scheduled for wednesday at the national cathedral. in northwest, abc 7 news. >> take a look at this, a sign of how truly one man can make a global impact. newspapers on the world are paying tribute to nelson mandela on their front pages. they are outside of the newsy him. >> visitors are leaving their well wishes at the museum of african art. this is on display and people can leave messages
-sex marriage legislation into law. you know who's happy about that? theee bears! worst of all, woferlt of all, our military has fallen prey to the homosexual gay agenda. three years ago they dropped don't ask, don't tell. at first i figured the gays wouldn't want to be in the military, the the cameo is so matchy-matchy. turns out gay people have some sort of sick fetish for serving their country and now they're cashing in on those sweet benefits. just ask secretary of defense and man who was crying just before you walked in, chuck hagel. >> when the supreme court issued its decision on the defense of marriage act this summer, the department of defense immediately began working on providing same benefits, same benefits to all eligible spouses, regardless of sexual orientation. we did it because everyone who serves our country in uniform, everyone in this country, should receive all the benefits they deserve and they've earned. >> stephen: folks, these benefits just encourage the destructive gay hook-up culture. meeting your spouse in some windowless back room to provide hot, sweaty dental cov
an amnesty law and brother and former brother return to the country. these are live pictures from bangkok where there has been violence between police and protesters already, people are on the streets but the rallies has not gained momentum in the past few days and there is an olive branch and she says she is open to talks. >> translator: i insist on opening every avenue to find the solution and i'm open for negotiations. police officers will not use violence but it's necessary for us to protect the government buildings because all the government buildings are used to serve 60 million ties. >> reporter: protesters have been marching to the metropolitan police headquarters which say violence on sunday. government complexes, the main protest compound where the rally leader has been giving speeches and this is government's house. the prime minister's office which is heavily fortified to stop protesters from breaking in. and al jazeera's scott is there and, scott, you said all options are open but what the protesters are demanding is not constitutional. where does that leave the protesters?
point, urging officers to respond. he was still on the phone when law enforcement officers did enter the school approximately nine minutes after that first 911 call. the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza reportedly killed himself within minutes from when officers arrived. too late to save 20 children, six educators or lanza's mother, whose body was found at home. six attorneys argued depend the release, they were overruled by the state judge. >> he has read the official police report, peter, do these tapes tell us anything more about the police response in this case? >> no, not from what i saw. i think people were looking to listen to these and maybe find something that could be an answer, maybe a slow response but everything i saw everything i read and what the commission found i think the 911 operators acted, they were the first responders who could do everything they could do. >> has this changed anything? >> i don't think it's changed, just another incident of what is an edification of what has to be done ever since columbine. the term used is an active shooting, whether in a school
of the late president hugo chavez, announcing government plan, passing laws. he's given out his phone number to connect with the people live on tv. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the president claims to be the son. >> translation: i was able to interpret the soul of the commander. that marks the profile of my personality. he left an imprint on what i do and what is left to do. >> trying to be chavez is hard. he was a media master. he led his socialist revolution over the air waves with unparalleled charm. >> trans: chavez was a funny guy with a great sense of humour. you could be against him but realise he was witty. nicolas maduro doesn't have that. he's portraying himself in the media as being strong, bellagerent, aggressive. >> anyone will say that chavez is irreplaceable. the strategy is to present nicolas maduro like chavez to ensure continuity in the government. >> it's working for chavez's revolution to continue. there is report for nicolas maduro, because chavez said so. >> translation: the president was intel gent. he said nicolas maduro was the successor. >> slowly nicolas madur
extensions of older laws that were set to expire. hope appears to be dwindling for the small deal between house and budget leaders that wanted to replace the federal spending cuts known as sequester with smarter cuts and revenue. >> when will they learn to say yes? >> reporter: john boehner argued senate democrats were to blame for this year's inaction because they wouldn't consider the bills. >> this year is going down as the least productive in congressional history. what can you and others do to change that? >> look at the number of bills passed by the senate you can see where the problem is. >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: report the senate is in the midst of a two week recess despite all these deadlines. one bright spot i suppose norah and charlie, for the first time in many years congress is not facing the manufactured crisis this holiday season like a fiscal cliff or government shutdown. several lawmakers told me their lives threatened to leave them if they allowed another crisis to ruin yet another family christmas. >> now to a new security threat.
to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. sunnyvale's strict new gun laws take effect. gun owners who lost their firerm a or had them stolen have to call police in 48 hours. the city will start tracking the sale of ammunition. the nra promised to fight the new law in court. let's check our chilly forecast this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. one more hour of that freeze warning, it should be able to expire on time at 9:00 a.m. temperatures are still in the 30s, we head throughout day we'll end up in the 50s so another cold day on tap. then a storm system moves through into tonight. so this is what we're expecting. showers starting up by 9:00 p.m., widespread across the bay area. as we continue into tomorrow morning we got a cold blast of air. talking about really low snow levels and the potential of a mix of rain and snow down to the valley floor level. next week very cold conditions continue each morning. let's check your drive. >> look at palo alto. the only real issue is an increase in traffic but heading into the sun. slowing for 101 and 280 through the trees
will sleep in the snow and make sure it works. >> law enforcement urging drivers to slow down and be cautious of icy roads and black ice. snow could drop to 1,000 feet. >>> it may soon cost more to ride bart during the morning and evening rush hours. janine de la vega is joining us live from the bart station to tell us how riders could be effected by the premium plan. >> reporter: good morning, brian. in about an hour the peak commute hours will begin. we will see a lot more foot traffic here. the bart board of directors talked about raising prices during that time at their recent meeting. the san francisco chronicle is reporting bart officials are preparing to look into peak period fares. charging higher prices during the busiest hours or most congested station. more analysis is needed so that is why the idea is being explored on how it will work. the board says now is not the time to raise prices since the transit agency went through two strikes and trains have been experiencing mechanical problems. >> i don't think its fair. they need to find ways to cut down on their cost and spending and
he was a law school student had stayed with him in cambridge, i thought it was the right thing to do to go ask him. >> carney went on to say the white house had zero involvement in the case and the president has not seen his uncle in 20 years. as for omar obama, an immigration judge said he could stay in the country because he qualified for permanent residency. >>> the man once call called america's top cop back in the big apple. new york mayor elect bill deblass yo announced bill bratton as new yorks's police commissioner. he ran the police force 20 years ago and he vowed to repair the relationship between officers and minority neighborhoods amid the nypd's controversial stop and frisk program, a tactic he has embraced in the pass while the incoming mayor has criticized it, bratton said a book he read when he was 9 will guide him on his new beat. >> i checked this thing out so often that i don't think anybody else in boston ever saw it. it is a book about the new york city police department of 1956 and i loved the title "your police." in this city, i want every new yorker to talk ab
sleep in the snow and make sure it works. >> law enforcement urging drivers to slow down and be cautious of icy roads and black ice. snow could drop to 1,000 feet by sunrise tomorrow. elevations above 2,000 feet could see 3 to 8 inches of snow. now, check frequently with for weather updates including alerts and warnings. there are forecasts for your neighborhood. we'll post all of the information on facebook and twitter. >>> 7:38. it may soon cost more to ride b.a.r.t. during the morning and even rush hours. the b.a.r.t. board is looking into charging higher fares during the transit systems busiest hours when many commuters are heading to or from work or school. riders would pay more at b.a.r.t.'s busiest stations. the so-called peak-hour premium plan is already used in other u.s. cities including washington, d.c. >>> 7:38. a retired santa clara county superior court judge will lead a special task force to investigate the alleged hate crime at san jose state. cordle is also san jose's police independent aud eter. the president of san jose state says they will propose recommendat
'll bring you the very latest. >>> plus as americans scramble to catch up on the new health care law. new accusations dozens of russian diplomats may have been scamming our existing system for big bucks. more on what they're accused of doing. >>> a hiker survives in freezing temperatures after falling down one of the most popular volcanoes in the country. hear about her dramatic rescue, all "happening now." jon: well, a wicked ice storm takes aim at america's midsection. hello, i'm jon scott. >> hello, everybody, happy friday to do you, i'm jenna lee. freezing rain and sleet and snow. watches and warnings are already in effect for multiple states stretching from texas you will all the way into ohio as millions and millions people line the path of this early winter storm. jon: nothing but rain outside of our windows right now. texas, snow and freezing rain created huge mess on the road, also in the skies. hundreds of flights already canceled in dallas alone. in new mexico, people there are digging out as much as six inches of know fell in albuquerque, closing schools and bringing that city
they have not been released? >> the law required they be released. we have in connecticut a very strong freedom of information act and the judge really had no choice but to order their release and the prosecutor had to yield to this process and he decided not to appeal that ruling. of course my heart went to the families because they are now reliving the unspeakable and i will never forget the sights and sounds of parents emerging knowing that their children would not be coming home that day, and i think the tapes bring back those memories. they force the entire community and all of us involved on that one day to relive the grief and the speed that all of this occurred. it is not only the scope and the horror and the courage of those educators who were on the speed of what happened. >> i went to president to newtown, and the grief was tangible. it was a physical thing you could feel. it is difficult to talk about even right now. in the last few weeks, there was an information, there was haunting details from the shooter who was clearly a young man suffering from sight mental health issu
republican leaders don't son concerned. >> i think it's a bad idea to revisit a law that is actually working and reducing spending for the government. >> not all republicans are at peace with it. congressman howell rogers of kentucky chairs the appropriations committee and says the current cuts and the next round are gruesome. >> a $20 billion cut to the military above and beyond what they already sustained. that would be very, very severe. >> reporter: congressman moran questions the real incentive for getting a deal done. >> we could fix the budget situation in a bipartisan way won hours, but the leadership doesn't want that done. they don't want to make deals. >> during back the sequester and preventing another government shut down would required them working together and that would be progress. >> reporter: we did see that paul ryan and patty measure which neat today. no news of a budget deal yet but they're trying to find a number that makes both sides happy. >> i love it, libby 37 corner them in the hallways. libby casey on capitol hill for husband. >> in ten days the nation will the o
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passed a law requiring a licence to sell these cigarettes and banses sales on the streets. it's to discourage sales to minors. the cigarettes are markets to children, and especially flavours like bubble gum which you are not allowed to do. three states are treating them ke cigarettes. 100 cities, los angeles among them are beginning to restrict the cigarettes. los angeles is considering another bill banning the use of escripts in places where tobacco is prohibited. the "the los angeles times" said h evidence of harm. they wrote fear is not a good basis for regulation. research is. government agencies should be wary of overreacting. it's not an overreaction according to the lung association. >> we don't know what the dangers of using them might be. we want to her on the side of caution. >> it's fine to keep e-cigarettes away from kids, but it is feared that overregulation will drive smokers back to tobacco. we are trying to help people get off tobacco products. >> the free-willing days of electronic cigarettes may be a look at what is coming out of that device. re expected to d
africa in which everyone would be subject to the same laws and protected by the same laws, and which would pursue a policy of social justice. those prisoners went into jail committed to that cause, and they came out committed to that cause. they had not changed their dream of a non-racist south africa; it was up to others to abandon their oppression, racial smears and scaremongering. south africa and the world were fortunate to have, in nelson mandela, a leader superbly fitted to bringing about the necessary change. the responses from all around the world in the past few days attest to that. he was a man with a unique combination of profound dignity and a sense of fun; a man of towering intellect and plain words; and a man of the deepest enduring commitment to the cause of liberty. he was surely the model of what every decent human being would wish to be. meeting nelson mandela was a pleasure. he put people at their ease, but behind the twinkling eyes, charm and self-deprecating humor was the tempered steel of his commitment to his principles. after meeting him, most people, includin
, a discussion about the law and dealing with whistleblowers and its effectiveness. plus, your calls, e-mails and tweets on "washington journal" on c-span. social media is an old idea. we think it is recent and only people alive today have done it. there's a very long and rich tradition of social media that goes back to the late roman republic. that is first century bc in the point is you do not need a digital network to do social media. you could actually do it in your own face. cicero did it with messages running to and from and other members of the roman elite. they all spoke each other as a social environment. there've been many other examples throughout history. martin luther and his use of pamphlets. tom payne and his common sense. in the way that pamphlets were used during the revolution. >> the first 2000 years of social media on a quote the communicators" on c-span two. >> republican governors rick perry discuss the gop future. then a conversation with u.s. trade representative about of the current state of u.s. trade agreements. at 11:00 p.m., q and a with a doctor. >> a group
nonviolence to bring about change. he became a lawyer and opened the first south african law firm to defend blacks who were forced from their land, but in 1960 mandela turned militant when 69 black protesters were massacred. >> many use fear, but it is useless and futile for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence. >> reporter: mandela lived up to his tribal name troublemaker repeatedly challenging authority. he was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government and sentenced to life in prison on south africa's infamous robin island. he was cut off from the outside world, but mandela's message and his movement endured. his wife winnie became his unofficial ambassador. finally in 1990 nelson mandela was free. >> so help me god. >> reporter: mandela became south africa's first black president and crafted a new constitution. he preached reconciliation and never spoke of retribution. mandela became a larger than life figure with rock star status, celebrities and world leaders came calling. he won the nobel peace prize and traveled the world. mandela and his wife winnie
with him three weeks while attending law school. it came after the judge ruled he could stay ignoring a deportationing order two decades ago. >>> libyan government says so far no one claimed responsibility for shooting an american teacher to death as he jogged through the streets of benghazi. despite threats. he chose to stay and teach high school chemistry. his wife and son had come home to texas for the holidays and he planned to join them next week. >>> check out that emirates airlines jumbo jet trying to land in strong winds yesterday in birmingham, england. it attempted to ground two times and failed both times. it landed at different airport. one passenger tweeted out never flying again. >>> florida state quarterback jame miswinston will not be charged with sexually assaulting a woman a prosecutor says he will not pursue the case because there were too many gaps in his accuser's story and not enough evidence to win a conviction. winston will looed lead the seminoles in the acc title game tomorrow night and he is a leading candidate for the heisman trophy. >>> much of the u.s. is
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